MLM Marketing Strategies That Make You Stand Out From Your Competition

We are going to give you some MLM marketing strategies that will help you stand out from your competition. And we're also going to explain to you why most people who are marketing an MLM opportunity are actually doing it in a way that's really ineffective. Here is a critical distinction that most people overlook when they market their MLM business.

The Fatal Flaw

Picture yourself right after you've been to a business opportunity meeting and you're all fired up about the products and the potential income you can earn. What is your focus right then? It's on the business you can introduce people to isn't it? The problem with this is that from a marketing standpoint you have already developed some fatal flaws. Let me explain…

Have you ever gone to an online MLM Group and noticed that people are all making posts about their business opportunity to each other? Whenever a new person joins the group who doesn't appear to have joined a company yet, they are jumped on by everyone. The problem is that even though these people are representatives of different companies and aren't in direct competition with each other, no one stands out as being different. So how do you stand out? Well, good marketers come up with a strategy that differentiates them from the crowd.

What Your Marketing Focus Should Be

See, to be an effective marketer online, it's not about the latest and greatest products that your company has, it's not about the amazing compensation plan or how long your company has been in business. The biggest secret as to why that person up on stage is making a six figure income and you aren't is that they are seen as a leader. The truth is that people don't join your business opportunity, they join YOU as a leader who can guide them to success.

For example, let's say that you have two people who are promoting the exact same business opportunity. One is a high powered trial attorney who lives next door to you and the other is a friend of yours who runs a forklift in a lumberyard. They both call you about the same business they think you should take a look at. Which person are you going to be more willing to listen to? Most likely the attorney because he probably has more credibility in your mind.

That's very much the same way we got involved in an MLM opportunity. We attended a business meeting at this really nice home of a couple who were some of the top earners in this company. They lived in an exclusive upper class neighborhood and exuded success and credibility.

The Secret To Being Seen As A Leader

So the point here is that to be an effective MLM marketer on the internet, you need to brand yourself as a leader. That is what is going to make you stand out from your competition. Here's how you do this.

You know how in real estate they say it's all about location, location location? Well, on the internet it's all about value, value, value. Let's go back to that online MLM group forum where everyone is talking about how their business opportunity is the best one. How could you stand out from your competition?

How about offering up some useful sales advice to representatives, like avoiding techno talk or speaking in generalities. Tell them where you found a good source of prospects for the product you are selling. Give them information on how developing a customer base insulates them against pin level drops. Whatever your expertise or background, use it to provide value.

Advantages Of This Strategy

This marketing strategy has a number of advantages:

  • By marketing yourself you are attracting potential distributors to you, not chasing after them.
  • By selling yourself, you won't run into problems with your company's marketing restrictions. Many companies don't allow trademarked names to be used in your marketing. This is because they can be fined for claims that their associates use, so to protect themselves, they usually ban their distributors from marketing the business opportunity or the products online. For example, I wanted to create a Facebook page for a product that gave me great results, but I couldn't do it.
  • Here's a big one that you've probably never thought about before. If the company you are representing goes out of business, the people you have recruited through being attracted to YOU rather than the business opportunity, will follow you to whatever you do next.


So that explains why you want to lead with marketing yourself instead of the business opportunity if you are in an MLM company. And here's something else to consider. If you provide useful, valuable information to your potential distributors, they will automatically assign credibility and authority to you.