Best Ways To Make Money Online Fast And Easy

The best way to make money online easy is to sell a product that already has an existing online infrastructure in place. For example, by becoming a representative or affiliate of a product, you get an online infrastructure that gives you all the parts of the sales funnel and makes it easy to get started selling.

The best way to make money online fast is to go where most of the people are online and use paid advertising to get your message in front of them. But when it comes to using paid advertising for these types of plug and play systems described above, there is a problem. Let me explain.

What It Takes To Make Paid Advertising Work

In order to make paid advertising profitable, you need a comprehensive, efficient and highly converting marketing and sales funnel. In order to achieve this, you need to have the ability to track the results of every step that your prospect takes through the sales funnel from the ad to the email opt-in to the sales page to the shopping cart to the email follow up. This means that you are able to exactly measure your conversion rates for each step of the process. Then, most importantly, you make improvements, changing one element at a time, testing the results, and gradually increasing your conversion rates.

Unfortunately, by selling a product with an existing online infrastructure, most of the time you have limited control over all these parts of the sales funnel. That means that you can't track your results and work on improving your conversion rates. And with paid advertising, making the math work so you are profitable is a very finely nuanced process with the goal of making your cost per acquisition less than your average order value.

So although using such a plug and play system makes it easy to get started making money online, it doesn't lend itself well to paid advertising which is the fastest way to get in front of lots of people.

Another Important Distinction

Now you may be wondering if you're selling a product made by a large company, haven't they already tested and made their sales funnel as highly converting as possible? Yes, they've probably hired experts and done their best, but there is a separate issue you need to consider. How are you going to closely match the ad you create and pay for with the landing page your company creates? It's important to maintain congruency between the ad and where your prospect goes next in order to keep your conversions high.

Examples Of Conversion Nuance

The question becomes do you really want to give up this much control? Think of it. You create and pay for an ad that then goes to a sales funnel over which you have little control. You are unable to closely examine how your paid prospect is progressing through it. Here are just a few examples of how seemingly minor changes can have a huge influence on conversions.

Here's an example from our friends at Digital Marketer on how just adding an arrow pointing towards their opt in form increased conversions as much as 12%. The orange box around the arrow is just to emphasize to you what they did.


Did you know that using a Sans Serif font on your sales page can increase conversions as much as 30%? Those are the fonts that don't have little feet at the bottom of the letters. They have been shown to make your copy much easier for your prospect to read.

popular sans serif fonts

Here's an interesting study from Unbounce on what happens to conversions depending on how many pieces of prospect information you ask for in your opt in forms. Notice how conversions drop off from 2 to 3 fields and again at 3 to 4 fields. BUT if you're already asking for 7 pieces of information as in a more complicated high intent opt in form, your conversions will go UP if you ask for even more information from your prospect!

form fields


So what this all means is that in our opinion if you use an existing online infrastructure in conjunction with paid advertising, you may find it difficult to be profitable. That's because you are unable to track all the many elements of your sales funnel, make improvements, and work on increasing your conversions. It's not great news, but our purpose is to give you the truth in hopes that we can save you wasted time and money.