Home Based Business Opportunities That Actually Work…And WHY!

We're going to give you some examples of home based business opportunities that actually work and why they work. But we're also going to share with you an important tool you can use to filter out business opportunities that may seem really good at first, but, in fact, can be very difficult to make money with.

Removing The Hype

Choosing a home business that's right for you can often be a confusing experience and that's because not only are there a lot of choices out there, but those choices are frequently described with words like, "hot" or "the latest," or my favorite "ground floor opportunity," right? Well, I'm going to cut through all the confusion and make this a much simpler process for you. Let me show you exactly what I mean…"

The Crucial Key To Your Success

When it comes right down to it, what is it that you want to get out of your home business? It's to make you money, right? If that's your goal, it's very important to understand what the single, biggest factor is when it comes to making money with your home business.

And you know what that is? It's your marketing. And specifically, how well you will be able to market your product or service. So, here's what you need to always keep in the back of your mind during the home business evaluation process. Anything that restricts or limits your marketing is something you want to be on guard for and uncover during your evaluation process. And do you know where one major marketing restriction can be found? It's hidden within the type of product that you sell.

Example Of Marketing Restrictions

Let me give you an example. Let's say that for your home business, you are considering becoming a representative of a company whose products you will sell. And you are looking at two companies. One company sells a decorative product that you wear on your body and the other company sells a product that you put into your body, a product that you consume. Both of the two company's products are physical products that you can hold in your hand and both of the products can be shipped almost anywhere.

So, what's the major difference and what's the marketing restriction? Well, when a buyer of the consumable product puts the product in their mouth and swallows it or puts it on their skin, you have immediately entered a completely different world of what you can legally claim will be the benefits and the expected results of using that consumable product. And this can dramatically restrict your ability to effectively market that product.

We Experienced This Problem

That has certainly been true in our experience. See, years ago, we used to sell consumable products. And you wouldn't believe the restrictions that were put on us as to what we could say about the product benefits and results. It absolutely torpedoed our marketing because even though we got great results ourselves from using the products, and we even had before and after pictures to prove it, we couldn't use those results as part of our marketing.

Examples Of What To Look For

Now that you have an understanding of how big an impact the type of product that you are selling can have on your marketing, let me give you a few examples of home based businesses that won't have this kind of marketing restriction. These are the kinds of products and businesses that you will want to put your efforts into.

Let's say that you are considering becoming a network marketing representative and there are two companies you are considering. One sells jewelry and the other sells vitamins.

What about the one that sells jewelry? Well, from a marketing restrictions standpoint you are in good shape. There really aren't any restrictions because you aren't putting the product into your mouth and swallowing it nor are you rubbing it on to your skin.

Now, what about the company that sells vitamins? Well, now you've got a problem because you are now in the realm of significant restrictions on what you can say about the benefits and results that the product can produce.

Here's another example. Let's say you're thinking of taking the skills you've developed as a graphic designer while working for someone else and creating your own graphic design business that you run out of your home. Again, in this case you are in good shape because the nature of the product/service you are going to be selling won't have marketing restrictions that you have to adhere to by law.

And here's one more example. Let's say that you are really into dogs, cats and other pets. And you are thinking about selling pet supplies as an affiliate for several large and well established pet supply businesses.

How would those product types be when it comes to any restrictions that might be placed on your marketing of them? Well, it depends on which pet supply products you sell. For example, if you are going to sell those comfortable cat beds, then you are okay. No restrictions there.

But what about dog treats? Or simply dog food? Well, now you might have some restrictions because the person's pet is eating the product you sell. The legal restrictions about what you can say about the product as part of your marketing might not be nearly as severe as is the case with people eating something but it would be something you'd want to check out before putting a lot of time and effort into building a marketing channel for a brand of dog food.


So that's how the type of product you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your home based business. Because your business lives or dies based upon your ability to market effectively, you need to seriously consider whether the product you are thinking about selling has any marketing restrictions attached to it. Make this one of your checklist items when evaluating any home based business opportunities.