At Home Business Ideas That Will ACTUALLY Work In 2018

Let's start by giving you some at home business ideas that solve a problem most people who want to start a home business aren't even aware of. So, by understanding what this problem is first and how to deal with it, you will become better at choosing a home business that has a much higher chance of succeeding. We're going to lay the groundwork by giving you a scenario in which this problem occurs.

Watch Out For This Big Problem

Let's say that you are working full-time right now at a job in which an employer gives you a regular paycheck. You are tired of this job and want to find a way out. Perhaps the work is boring to you. Perhaps working for yourself and being independent has always been a strong desire of yours. Before you even start researching at home business ideas you will need to plan for the following problem.

Here's an important question for you. How are you going to make the transition from a regular paycheck to earning a living from your at home business? It's highly risky to quit your job before you jump into a new business, yet many people make this mistake because they are so excited and absolutely sure that their businesses will succeed. The reality is that many businesses fail. And if it is successful, it almost always takes longer and costs more than you think.

One solution to this problem is to continue working your full-time job while you start your new business. This requires a huge mental commitment because what it means is that you will have to work evenings after your day job as well as on weekends. This strain will burn you out in short order and put real stress on your relationships. Your disturbed mental state also makes you less effective at producing results with your new business. For most people, this is the end of their entrepreneurial dream.

Business Efficiency Is The Key

So what is the answer to smoothly making the financial transition from earning a paycheck to creating your own income? One factor that will have a huge impact on whether you succeed at this is the efficiency of the at home business you choose.

So, what do we mean by efficiency? You can have a person who has a specific body of knowledge and experience that they can turn into a business that will pay them.  But depending on how they choose to monetize this knowledge and experience, they can end up in either a highly inefficient risky business or one that allows them to start gradually and be able to make that tough transition between their paid job and their entrepreneurial goal.

Example Of Choosing An Efficient Business

Let's say that you've been a restaurant manager for many years and you know everything from how to reduce your employee turnover rate to the best type of equipment to buy. But you're frustrated because you see inefficiencies caused by management above you and you're powerless to do anything about it. You're convinced that because of your knowledge, you could open your own restaurant and it would be a success.

You've had your eye on a location that will provide a steady stream of customers, you've crunched some numbers, and you're seriously considering making this huge investment in your future.

Now contrast the previous scenario with this approach. Instead of buying a restaurant, you create a much more efficient business model. You use your knowledge to create a weekend seminar for restaurant managers on how to be more effective and improve profitability of their restaurant through your techniques. Something that restaurant owners are definitely interested in and would want to send their managers to. You start small, test and refine your product by getting feedback. At some point in the future you decide to take it even another step forward in efficiency. You remove yourself from having to teach people in person by creating an online course that you can sell with no geographical limitations.

Notice the huge difference here in efficiency. Can you see how selling your knowledge allows you to make the transition from your paid job to your own business with a minimum of risk and time required? And how starting your own restaurant requires you to risk everything by quitting your job and putting your life savings into a new venture.

More Examples

Now that you understand the concept of efficiency, here are a couple more examples of at home business ideas that allow you to make a smooth transition from your current job:

Let's say that you've been a retail salesclerk in a bridal shop. You know all about prices, styles, and fitting. You decide to start an online business matching up buyers and sellers of used wedding gowns.

Here's another one. You've been the director of the human resources department for a large company. You know all about what qualities to look for when hiring new employees. You decide to start an at home business helping people prepare for job interviews including how to write their resume, their appearance, what questions they should expect to answer, and what to ask their potential employer.


So, thinking about the efficiency of a business is really important. In other words, how can what the business offers be delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way possible? The point is to choose an application that will allow you to smoothly make the transition from being an employee to owning your own business. See… by decreasing risk and starting gradually, it's more likely that you will survive over the long-term and make your new business a success.